Monday, 31 January 2011


I find the motivation to exercise so hard, and I never no what exercise is best to do. I had been doing sit ups, crunches and ''push ups''. Which did raise my Lung function but it's very tedious and boring and doesn't get my heart actually racing or me out of breath. So now my lucky Grandparents have jetted off to Australia and I have borrowed my Nan's exercise bike for the two months. (My nan has bad parkinsons, makes me very sad but she does better if she goes on her bike in the morning. Anyway so now I am attempting to go on the bike at least x3 a week... I thought I'd start off by doing 15 - 20 mins, easy, haha How wrong was I? I did 5 minutes last night and my heart felt like it was going to pound out my body and I couldn't stop coughing and breathing was a mission, so disapointed in myself. I had kept it at a steady ish pace of about speed 13 (If that means anything to anyone). However I am very proud of myself for today as I went on the bike as soon as I got up for work this morning at 6.30 am!I still only did 5 mins and had an even slower steady pace of speed 11. But I'm going to aim to do at least x 3 a week and get my heart racing each time. One day I may be doing 30 mins. Hope this helps my lung function. My Mum and I are also planning on attempting yoga, our plan is to buy a DVD and once a week on my day off we will do it together... hope we can do it and stick to it. I might even look at buying the DVD in a minute as I'm at my parents at the moment.

As a follow on from my last blog, I failed my M.O.T grr, luckily my gorgeous fiance is already fixing it! And I should be starting my new job next week full time. They have my CRB and P45 now and I have more training next week so they usually ask you to start that week. I hope. Been getting so bored. However if I don't have any work this week I have 3 cool things planned. My partners best friend is over for tea tomorrow night. Thurs my best friend and her partner are over for dinner. Friday my family, Marc and I are starting our family 'come dine with me'...This is going to be so exciting, it's half for fun and half to encourage my little 8 year old sister who also has Cystic Fibrosis to eat more and eat proper meals..not just chicken dippers or cheese! I'm starting and my menu is: Mini chicken satays with peanut sauce, Honey and Orange glazed chicken with baked potato and side salad and chocolate mousse with a hint of brandy. Oh man, wish me luck.

Right I'm off to buy a yoga DVD, drink some tea, do some physio and then head back to my home.

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  1. That food sounds amazing!! Cook for me and I'll stop eating chicken dippers (I love them, lol!!) Keep going with the exercise hun :) xx