Thursday, 27 January 2011

How Silly..

I can't believe what I have managed to do... I booked my holiday for Spain for the 13th - 27th June..lovely. Just found out 2 days after I booked it, that one of my close friends weddings is the 25th...tried to change it by a few days..they want £200 to do that! I don't have any money, scraped to pay for the flight. The original flight was only £245 so it's paying for a whole flight again..gutted. now I really don't know what to do.

On a plus side I just sorted my car insurance and managed to save rather a lot by putting Marc and me on to the same insurer, they were really helpful and even though Marc doesn't need to renew his insurance till November it still saved me money and he will be insured with them from November for cheaper. So that's one thing off my mind. My car is now at it's M.O.T (Which every year since I have had my car it has failed, so here's hoping....)

I am really struggling to get into any exercise at the's miserable outside and I can't be bothered..which is the wrong attitude I know. However as of Friday night I'm borrowing my Nan's exercise bike which I am going to aim to get on at least x3 a week. See how long that last's especially when I start work. I haven't done a lung function in ages...I hope it's ok. I put myself on antibiotics which I finished Sunday and I do feel pretty well I think. I haven't been to my proper hospital in ages, like October was the last (before America) and am not going till own fault because I was too busy sorting myself out with a job but now I feel I should see them, all I want is a lung function test. I might get my sister's nurse to pop in with her lung function machine this week as my name is still on that, just make sure it is still reasonable.

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