Monday, 10 January 2011

First January Post

I don't really have much to say...however feel I should say something for the new year....even though we're like 10 days into it now!

Well I had a brilliant end to 2011, felt like we had like 5 Christmas's with various people, doing different things. Spent Christmas day with my family, Boxing day with Marc's, day after at my Nan and Granddad's and so on. Also managed to see 3 of my best friends who were home from Uni! Marc and I got absolutely spoilt and I hope we spoilt everyone else enough, we did get carried away with the Christmas shopping and everyone loved what we got.

New years eve we managed to spend with both of ours immediate family which was lovely. And Just what I wanted.

2010 Was actually a brilliant year for us, my health remained consistently okay, we went to America, Marc and I got engaged, we moved into a beautiful house.... what more can you ask for in a year.

I have good feelings about 2011, got a new job which I start soon - Is going to be brilliant, though I am a little worried about how I am going to cope working 40 hours a week!! We will just have to see. We also have wedding planning to do and look forward to...for June 2012 and we are looking at booking a 2 week break in Spain for this June..we will be staying at my grandparents and probably spend most of it being stupid in the pool - we had a great time last time! I might book that today - Marc and I are paying for it for each others Birthday presents as we need to save save save as much money as we want to get a mortgage and we want to pay for our wedding!

Anyway I better to my nan's for lunch!!

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