Tuesday, 15 May 2012

24days, 19hours, 13 minutes and 2 seconds

I am that sad, that I have downloaded an app which keeps a countdown of exact days, hours, minutes and seconds until I should be arriving at the church to get married! It still feels quite surreal and I seem to be floating along counting down the days when suddenly I'l have a little panic that I have forgotten to do something and the absolute worst part is going to be finishing paying for everything!but we will do it and it is going to be entirely worth it because I only plan on getting married once, my husband to be is perfect and this day is going to be a massive part of our life and he deserves it to be the very best! Not only that on the Friday before the big day my Man should be finishing his training for his new job, which is another huge milestone in our lives together and something to celebrate, it's what he has been dreaming of even before we met and now he is getting there and it feels like everything is coming together ready for us to start a new chapter together as a married couple! He will have his dream job and my job is better (don't earn enough - but plan on starting a degree so even earning the little bit that I am is a bonus) and we will be married!
After the wedding we have 4 days to spend together before I go back to work, we wanted to go abroad immediately but Marc's new job wouldn't allow it so we have postponed that till September. So we plan on waking up Sunday morning and having breakfast at the hotel with all the guests that stayed, then we're going to head to New Forest to spend 3 nights there which I'm really excited for, we'll probably just stay in a travel lodge or whatever is cheapest because we want to keep as much money as we can for our honeymoon in September which is Mexico! and we want to do lots of activities and stuff out there!
After September we have 2 years to save a deposit up for our house as we want to buy the house we are renting off Marc's parents and they need the money to buy themselves somewhere in 2 years September. Its a lovely 3 bed house so it will hopefully do me and Marc for as long as we want to stay in the area (most likely forever) so it's quite a big deposit we need so it will be a very hard core saving 2 years! And  I've been thinking at the end of those 2 years we should try our hardest to get on another holiday to remember, we did America 2 years ago, Spain last year, Mexico this year, It will probably be Spain again next year (My Granddad lives there) then I'd love to do another amazing holiday once we've bought the house, Australia maybe? Man I need to win the lottery or find a really well paid job lol!
Now I'm getting into telling you my life plan I may as well continue, if it is that everyone hasn't clicked off the page already due to bordem. Marc and I would then love to start trying for a baby, now everyone with Cystic Fibrosis who is reading this will know it is not as simple as most find, there are so many factors we have to look at before even starting to try...Is Marc a carrier? Is my Lung function stable? Are the drugs I have okay when pregnant? then once all this is sorted...will I be able to get pregnant? will my body cope with pregnancy? I am so maternal it's just meant to be, but what if it cant? I get so broody all the time and would love one now but at the same  time I want to have the perfect as we can set up to bring a baby in to and I think 2 years will be great, if I can keep my health stable! I think I'm only desperate for one right now because I worry what if my Lung function gets worse over the 2 years? Or what If I'm unable to get pregnant and I want answers for those questions now! But I think I have just got to keep a level head and keep ploughing through because the last 2 years have absolutely flown by what with planning our wedding etc so what's to stop the next 2 years flying!?

Quick Health  Catch Up!
My lung function hasn't been done since my last clinic but am getting one done on the 31st which I'm desperate to know as I have been doing the ineb for a good few weeks now and want to know if I'm keeping my lung function up- I feel pretty good, just always seem to get a night cough back.

My blood sugars were apparently rather worrying high on my glucose test, so diabetes could be on the horizon and I have got to check my bloods for 2 solid weeks to keep record!

Kings have been very good and let me postpone my next Kings appointment to the summer holiday to fit in with my new job! Other than that I can get the nurses to come down to port flush and check lung function!