Friday, 8 April 2011


Summer is getting closer and the weather over these last three days is just getting me so excited. It makes me want to make all these plans for doing my garden nicely, only we don't have the funds. I would LOVE a new shed and a bench with an arch over, a patio area and a brick built barbecue. However, I think this summer we are going to have to just mow the lawn, clean the patio that's there and get the barbecue cleaned up that the parents gave us last year. All still very nice, and if this weather today is something to go by I shall be happy everyday!
Today is my second day off, yesterday I had a day off so I had my hep B jab part two, went fine! Then I went to my Nan and Granddads for lunch which was lovely. I then went and picked my littlest sister up with my Mum, they had a fate on at the school which was sweet and then we went and sat in the garden for a few hours, the ice cream van came up to the close where my Mum lives which just screams out SUMMER! Today I am getting my hair cut, I have decided to not drive but take a nice LONG walk to the train station, get a train, get a cut, see one of my friends and her beautiful baby and then get a train home and another nice long walk home. I need the exercise and in this weather there is NO excuse, plus you never no, might get a tan.
It's 2 months till me and my fiancée jet off to Spain now, Can't wait! 2 weeks in beautiful sunshine messing about in the pool, eating lots of food, drinking lots of wine and Malibu and pineapple and just relaxing together.

Another bonus for me in the summer, is my health tends to stay better. Lets hope it's the same this year!! I'm trying to go at least 2 months between each course of antibiotics as I think I have them too regularly, I don't want them to stop working because I'm too used to them. I have been about 5 weeks off anything now, so another 3 will be good. Though I have been a bit up down the last few days, extra tired and a bit chesty but I'm going to try and do good Physio's and exercise and see if I can get a Lung Function done in the next week.

I best go now, hope everyone is well and enjoying the weather.....x

Friday, 1 April 2011

Sometimes it takes something really awful in life to realise just how lucky you are..

So that's a pretty long title I have put for this but I quite frankly didn't know what else to put it as. I have quite literally been crying my eyes out for the last twenty minutes for someone I don't....didn't even no.
My little (middle) sister of sixteen years was sent home early from school today. One of her quite close friends had hung themselves at home this morning. The whole of her year and half the rest of the school are in a mess of tears and confusion. It makes my stomach turn and eyes well up just thinking about it. I think me being a youth worker before and working with young people it just makes you really think. I wish there was more you could do to help young people like this, I know that there are so many places they can turn for advice and to chat but there too scared and it's so sad. It probably needs making more clear to young people where they can turn.
The amount of friends this young man has had crying over him, they didn't even no he was in this state of mind. My sister has been crying all day, I can't wait to see her and give her a cuddle.
You feel so stupid crying for someone you didn't know, that's why I'm writing it here. Here it doesn't matter if I seem stupid.
Basically my love and thoughts go to this poor young man, his family and friends. The guilt that so many are probably feeling but probably shouldn't, the sadness and the confusion. I can't imagine how those closest to him are feeling and how they are going to feel for a very long time.
It just shows even those closest to someone don't know what they are thinking and how they are feeling. Especially at that age, depression can so easily be put down to just being a teenager.
My sister and her friends just went and put some flowers outside the school for him, they were the first to do so. I predict by tomorrow there will be enough to cover the whole front fence of the school.

R.I.P young man.