Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lungs are calling for IV's!

I felt absolutely fine 3 days ago, then my line manager got a chest infection, I thought through my supervision she was coughing a bit so sat as far away as possible, then an hour later when I tried to phone through to where she was I was told she'd gone to the doctors as she thinks she has a chest infection...great. So no surprise last 2 nights I haven't stopped coughing and last night I woke with some random pains in my lungs I haven't really felt before and my stomach was really hurting in a different from usual way too, managed to sleep in till 10am this morning so feel a bit better and luckily I have my 2 days off now so it's into lounge clothes and DVD's with Marc for 2 days then we're out bowling tomorrow evening for a friends birthday, and I am looking after the sister's so they are coming then staying over too. Started myself on antibiotics last night so can't wait for them to kick in and I am going on IV's last week of Oct if all goes to plan. Hope my needles stay in my port this time (unlikely) but I've had it completely checked out via a lineogram and there is no reasons for it to not be staying in.
Luckily Marc's got these 2 days off too and he needs to relax as he is going on a 24 hour blood pressure monitor just as part of a medical for his job so we can both completely chill out and I can be on the mend and he can keep his BP down.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Busy Long weekend

On Wednesday I worked a 13 hour shift and this meant I got given Sunday Off, I'd already worked last week on my day off so had been granted this Saturday off and already had my normal Thursday, Friday off. Making this a very lovely long weekend off!
Thursday I went out for lunch with Dad, this was lovely, hadn't seen him for ages because I didn't want to meet his new girlfriend and he has broken his collar bone so can't drive. I picked him up and we went to a local brewers Fayre. I got chicken, bacon, cheese and barbecue sauce with chips, salad, garlic bread and coleslaw. On top of this we ordered onion rings! We got 20 each and both eat them all! Felt ill after, but still, it was quite an achievement!
Friday I went out for breakfast with Marc and his best friend. It was buffet for the hash browns, beans, tomatoes, egg, mushroom.... so eat lots of that but I was still hurting from how much I ate the day before so I eat half a ration of bacon and couldn't even touch the sausage. We didn't need lunch then went to my Mums to surprise my sister for her 9th Birthday, We'd bought her a bike and wanted to hide it in the lounge before she got home from school. She was very surprised (especially as it was a day early) and took it out to show all her friends that were still at the park next to school. We then went out for buffet Chinese, which is amazing and I stuffed my face again (For the last time in a while as I really won't fit in my wedding dress next year!). We then went to some amusements, won two voodoo doll key rings on the 2p machines and won a teddy on the claw machine which had a £5 attached to it, win!
Yesterday went to the boot sale, not very much there as it was the last one and wasn't sure the weather would hold. However got 2 DVD's for myself and 1 for someone at work! Marc got a griddle frying pan that he has been wanting and his sister got some maternity clothes and baby toys...I get so broody it's unreal! We then had lunch together and went for a walk with Marc's sister and sister in-law and nephew who is also gorgeous and makes me broody, they took there dog's too who are soo excitable. I was feeling really exhausted, legs hurt and lungs ached but I pushed myself to keep up and no-one ever see's me struggle, except Marc but that's because I moan and moan and moan to him ha-ha... Marc and I then cooked a nice healthy dinner together of smoked haddock, mash, broccoli, cauliflower and leeks. So we're now in to our healthy eating plan which started yesterday and I have planned meals for at least a month...this is to help with his medicals and my fitting in to my wedding dress next year.
Today Marc and I have been watching remembrance documentaries for 9/11, the new ground zero re-build looks amazing and the effort put in is astonishing. The stories of all the lost loved ones is so hard to watch but everyone should to get a real feel for those people and what went on that day. 10 years on, R.I.P to all those lost. Later on I'm going to a fate that both my Mum and Dad organise (awkward) to raise money for the bonfire society that they are both members (awkward again). Annoying thing is is we keep having really heavy showers so don't know if it will get very busy! And we have to park in a field so I'm sure I will get stuck if it gets too boggy but I'm going to go and I'll spend a £10 to help them out and you never know if I have the same luck I had at the amusements I could win something!
Hope everyone else has had a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Where to start....

Well I think the best place to start is by writing about how I bought my wedding dress last week! It is beautiful, can't go in to too much detail in case my husband to be stumbles across my Blog, I must say though my CF shaped figure was rather inconvenient. A size 12 dress was too small for me in one style yet the style I ended up wanting she said the size 8 was too small on my hips and bum but fitted perfectly round the rest of me, we ended up getting a size 6 (which I never am and never will be that size) but it fitted my bum and hips perfectly and she showed me how to do it up at the top which also made it fit perfect everywhere else. O how I love my tiny bum and legs but huge pregnant like stomach (which I am not , pregnant, just to clarify). Luckily the woman was very helpful and showed me how to hide all the unwanted bits haha. Wow can't believe it is coming round so quick and I am getting married next year! It is so exciting, we seem to be very well organised at the moment, that's what people keep saying anyway, they just don't know that we have put deposit's on everything and are hoping we will somehow be able to pay for it all ha!! I know we can do it and it's going to be the best day ever.
I also went to Madame Tussauds Sunday, that was pretty fun, definitely trying to plan a whole day trip to London now, especially as I have a merlin pass and a pass so I can take a carer and my sister's and Mum have them, so cheap days out. we have already got our moneys worth since we bought them in April we have done Chessington twice, Thorpe park once, three days in Alton Towers and now the Madame Tussauds. Mum got them on her clubcard points from Tesco's so well worth it.
My partner is in the mid of trying to get a new job, another thing I can't write too much about as he is so close and I really don't want to jinx it for him. Just be keeping your finger's crossed! So that's another really exciting thing.
I am in the mid of writing up a month's healthy eating plan for the both of us, I can't afford to put on any more weight, I do usually stay the same so it's good but I would like to eat a little healthier as sometimes we both just end up binging on chocolate! and prawn crackers is our latest thing, a huge bag as an evening snack lol. My partner has medicals coming up for this possible job so he wants to get super healthy, he is physically really fit and runs alot, goes cycling, rowing machine at his present work a lot so he wants to keep that up but just eat a tiny bit healthier e.g bring more fish into our eating and lots of different vegetables. We do eat well anyway, our portions could just do with a little down sizing really. So will keep you updated on how everything goes.
Other than this I am busy working 40 + hours a week. I have my little sister's Birthday coming up and can't wait to give her the bike we have bought her, then we are going to cosmos for dinner:) the healthy eating starts the day after of course! Me and my partner amaze everyone on how much we eat at cosmos, it's the best ever! especially as Chinese is by far our favourite take away and cosmos is all you can eat!!
Sorry when I write it's just all over the place, random thought's and doings from the week but that's how my mind works, constantly thinking and randomly remembering things, I live off too do lists otherwise I'd forget to do everything and anything, I blame CF for this too as we have a lot more to remember than a lot of people like all the meds that keep us going!
Take care all, especially as I think we can all feel the dreaded Autumn/ winter coming, well before it's due date! (did it even ever leave?)