Friday, 2 December 2011

I am writing this from my iPhone so it will probably end up a bit jumbled as I'm still not used to it and it seems to guess what I wanted to write and changes it without me realising it!!
I came on her with intentions to write a blog, but once I get on here I see everyone else's blogs, read them and realise whatever I write is not going to be as interesting as everyone else's!
My work rota has come out for Christmas and new year st last, it's the first time I have ever had to work over this period at all, I am so used to in the past having a full 2 weeks off over this period! Anyway it works out quite nicely as I am one of the very few people to get Christmas day off!! I am however working 8am - 8 pm Xmas eve, 7am - 3pm boxing day, till 10 pm new years eve and from 7am new years day! So won't be seeing the new year in very traditionally, I should imagine one drink at midnight then bed! What I really am looking forward to is the first proper works Xmas party I have ever been too, it sounds pretty crazy! So I am having some pre- drinks and food at my friends before then her boyfriend Is taking 4 of us there then Marc is picking us all up and bringing us back!
Christmas is going to be strange this year now my parents have split up! Still looking forward to it though!
What else has been going on? My car pretty much died the other week bless it! It was 13 nearly 14 so upgraded to a 10/11 year old vw polo metallic blue, it's gorgeous and I love, love , love it! Taken it out for a drive this morning and done last bits of Xmas shopping I can do with Marc! Tonight im going shopping with mum and one of my sisters as I need to buy a dress and some stocking fillers for Marc! Anyway I'm off to sort lunch hope everyone is well xxx