Monday, 7 June 2010


Hi everyone, Hope your all keeping well.

Just thought i'd update my profile, rarely get on here due to working and also having no computer at the mo, but pc world are hopefully taking care of that!
It's been A month and 2 weeks since i finished Iv's, this is where i usually am starting to need some antibiotics to bump me back up, However, did my lung function Thursday just gone and it was 2.35 I am mega happy with this! Its my second best EVER!!! This is due to my boyfriend and mine new fitness plan (I think). We walk at least 4 times a week and we have been doing 60 sit ups, 30 push ups (not proper ones) and 60 crunches every day. Also i haven't missed a pulmozyne, where i used to rarely have it! Im so worried about getting an infection now. I want to step the exercise up, so getting a work out dvd, hope it does some more good.

The downside, was i had a glucose test. Not sure if i have mentioned my fear of needles before, but i am getting better. Anyway to get the blood for this blimming test i think she took like 5 stabs and now i have a lovely purple bruise to show for it! Anyway she dropped a bit onto the stick in the machine which gives you a reading and it was 16!! This was 2 hours after the glucose drink. Anyway apparently this is high and now she wants me to check it. However i cant prick my self with those silly little needles because of the fear, then i get so angry at myself cos there is such worse things people have to face. But its a real phobia and i am getting better. Its silly really...I had 2 painful fillings this week, wouldn have the needle to numb it, cos that would be like the worst thing ever! So anyway, gotta get these tests done somehow over the next few weeks. My mum and boyfriend try to help but i get myself in a rediculous state. Feel for them.

Back on a plus side of things, after iv's i was worrying about getting back into work but all is fine there:D I also had an interview a couple of weeks back and have landed myself another job:D Which is in the day time( the other job is evenings) so looking forward, yet very nervous about all this.

I watched 'Dying for breath' yesterday night when my boyfriend was out on a call. I have had it recorded on sky for ages but wasn't sure if i wanted to watch it. I find it hard to face the 'dying' side of cf. Especially as im doing ok at the mo and my little sis has it too. I do think about it alot, especially when i think about working and uni and how stressed i get as it is, i dont wanna make myself ill. I also worry about wanting to have a baby, which i really want to do, and how its all going to work. It was good to watch it in the end, eye opening, i think everyone who is on the waiting list or has had a transplant is amazing! I have an ambition to keep doing all this exercise and medication really well so that when a cure comes about (which it will) i will still be on top! Its a dream....some dreams come true:D I find it all very hard to understand...If anyone could explain gene therapy to me more id always appreciate it, cos i know its happening but i dont know how long they are experimenting with it and what they know about it so far, and how long they think till a cure!

Anyway, i have chatted on enough, hope none of what i write offends people, and if it's too boring sorry too! xxx