Sunday, 25 July 2010

Back to happy

Wow so i had a few days of feeling emotional, tired and drained.
As i had mentioned before hadn't had any antibiotics for three months:D Well i decided to start myself on some now, started on Wednesday. This is because my cough was just getting worse, eventhough my lung function was staying at 2.2 ish. They made me sick wed and Thur but keeping them down now and starting to feel better already!!

Yesterday the firemen had an event to go to where they show the kids the engine and support the local village. Me and the other firefighters girlfriends walked down to meet them, mission of a walk (to me anyway). My legs were feeling it today and last night but i wasn't too coughy or breathless, yay. Then when the men had done there stuff we all went to the pub where a live band was playing and had a couple of drinks. Then we went back to my boyfriends brothers (also firefighter) and we all had domino's pizza's. After all this me and marc walked home at 10ish. They live about half a mile from us. So in all we did about 3 miles walking, which doesnt sound much but i only usually walk about a mile. Feel really glad about it today and want to do it more.

Its summer holidays:D My working hours have been cut right down and get to see more of my little sisters, family and my boyfriend. I think this week we are planning on toy story wed at cinema and bedgebury for a bike ride wed! Then again my new job might suddenly ask me to work more. Then me and marc are camping at the local car show sat night with my parents, local band in evening again and custom cars in the day!

Hope everyone is well!
Take care
ME xxx

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Emotions grrr

I hate those days where for some reason you find anything you possibly can, to cry about. I always end up feeling stupid after cos all the things are pathetic and just because i am crying about one thing i seem to add all the little things that are worrying me to make it worse and i end up in a big mess. I then try and put together why i am crying and it's something completely different to what it started out as. Poor Marc gets it all, and he does the best possible job at cheering me up. I also take things out on him when i am stressed. I am messy and un organised which is unfair on him too:( Gonna try and change, but he says he loves me as i am hahaha, dont know how.

My LF was 2.25 at my last hosp, Thurs just gone. Good again but im starting to feel crappy so think antibiotics are needed, stupid cough! I really wanna wait till after next weekend, we will see, see if i can handle havin this cough that long!

Anyway my parents party a couple of weekends ago was brill. I got quite drunk with a few mates. Me and my bestest mate are a crack up drunk. She was crying cos the band stopped playing and we head banged to like 3 songs in a row which resulted in the worst neck ache for the next 3 days. My lil sis was soo drunk she puked everywhere. My sisters friend (girl) was hitting on a guy, who is a homosexual so he was not really diggin it. My mums best friend went home at 1am (when it finised) and danced in her kitchen with her best mate till 5 am. So all in all a random night!

This is all, i just have to mention i love marc very much, as he is on a call atm, which he usually is when i write on here and i miss him very much xxx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Worth the effort:D

So like i said before i was going to try and exercise more and keep my lf up! It has worked!! Well, the exercise, weight gain and constantly having pulmozyne all together has made such an effect! My lf today was 2.26 (73%), which has gone down a little from last time but i haven't had antibiotics for 2 and a half months and have got a cough at the moment! Have decided to see if cough goes on it's own but if it hasn't gone by Next thurs (my next appointment) or my lung function has gone down then it will be time for some oral antibiotics!

It's nearly 10pm and i am starving, haven't eaten since breakfast (sausages, bacon, toms and mushrooms). Everytime i get home from work at 9pm(like tonight) my bf has my dinner waiting ready on the table, as he is FABULOUS. But tonight while i have been at work he has had a fire idea what to. So neither of us have eaten and i dont know when he will get home, could be any minute or not for like four hours! This is the story of our life, never know when he will get called out so cant plan a thing, but it's fine cos I LOVE HIM!

My parents are having a party this weekend i cant wait, my bf, family, his family and my best friends will all be coming, couldn think of anything better. Am going to have a drink, or 2 or 3! Dont drink often but when i do, i go a bit too far! Have only drunk twice this year, the last time i was apparently hilarious, but i cant get too bad this time as marcs parents might change their views on me lol!

Anyway i am off to watch some tv and build a new website i am doing for my new buisness renting out 2 gorgeous holiday cottages.