Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Emotions grrr

I hate those days where for some reason you find anything you possibly can, to cry about. I always end up feeling stupid after cos all the things are pathetic and just because i am crying about one thing i seem to add all the little things that are worrying me to make it worse and i end up in a big mess. I then try and put together why i am crying and it's something completely different to what it started out as. Poor Marc gets it all, and he does the best possible job at cheering me up. I also take things out on him when i am stressed. I am messy and un organised which is unfair on him too:( Gonna try and change, but he says he loves me as i am hahaha, dont know how.

My LF was 2.25 at my last hosp, Thurs just gone. Good again but im starting to feel crappy so think antibiotics are needed, stupid cough! I really wanna wait till after next weekend, we will see, see if i can handle havin this cough that long!

Anyway my parents party a couple of weekends ago was brill. I got quite drunk with a few mates. Me and my bestest mate are a crack up drunk. She was crying cos the band stopped playing and we head banged to like 3 songs in a row which resulted in the worst neck ache for the next 3 days. My lil sis was soo drunk she puked everywhere. My sisters friend (girl) was hitting on a guy, who is a homosexual so he was not really diggin it. My mums best friend went home at 1am (when it finised) and danced in her kitchen with her best mate till 5 am. So all in all a random night!

This is all, i just have to mention i love marc very much, as he is on a call atm, which he usually is when i write on here and i miss him very much xxx

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