Sunday, 25 July 2010

Back to happy

Wow so i had a few days of feeling emotional, tired and drained.
As i had mentioned before hadn't had any antibiotics for three months:D Well i decided to start myself on some now, started on Wednesday. This is because my cough was just getting worse, eventhough my lung function was staying at 2.2 ish. They made me sick wed and Thur but keeping them down now and starting to feel better already!!

Yesterday the firemen had an event to go to where they show the kids the engine and support the local village. Me and the other firefighters girlfriends walked down to meet them, mission of a walk (to me anyway). My legs were feeling it today and last night but i wasn't too coughy or breathless, yay. Then when the men had done there stuff we all went to the pub where a live band was playing and had a couple of drinks. Then we went back to my boyfriends brothers (also firefighter) and we all had domino's pizza's. After all this me and marc walked home at 10ish. They live about half a mile from us. So in all we did about 3 miles walking, which doesnt sound much but i only usually walk about a mile. Feel really glad about it today and want to do it more.

Its summer holidays:D My working hours have been cut right down and get to see more of my little sisters, family and my boyfriend. I think this week we are planning on toy story wed at cinema and bedgebury for a bike ride wed! Then again my new job might suddenly ask me to work more. Then me and marc are camping at the local car show sat night with my parents, local band in evening again and custom cars in the day!

Hope everyone is well!
Take care
ME xxx

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