Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lots of things...

Work - job cuts
As everyone knows there are job cuts and worries going on at the moment. My contract ends at the end of September and it was looking very unlikely that my manager could take me back on. Everyone has been worryin about losing their jobs. I got a new job, but haven't heard anything much from them, except for 'struggling to get funding!'. Great....
Then the other day I had to do a presentation about youth clubs/ work to some local managers including my managers manager. After my managers manager told me he has some hours that he needs covering! This is brill news because i need the 6 hours at least to go to uni and I need to be earning at least what I am earning now to be able to afford to live! I also have an interview for another youth work job on Tues,so wish me luck.....
Health is okay at the mo, had a niggling cough for like 3 weeks now tho and antibiotics didn't help. Been put back on cipro for 2 weeks. Going in for planned Iv's on the 20th September...this is because of health and because want to be well for holiday. I've been doing sit ups, crunches and small push ups (and lots of all of them) at least 5-7 times a week for the last 3 months. I belive this is how my lung function is staying up, so wont stop doing them, dont know if i'm toning the stomach tho, which was the initial plan so that I can look alright in a bakini on holiday and not pregnant (which im not). I hope I can carry on doing the sit ups etc..when on Iv's but have a feeling it might keep knocking my port out, which is annoying because I think that will help my lung function go right up.
8 Weeks Monday and me, my boyfriend, mum, dad and sisters are off on a holiday of a lifetime.....America, Orlando, Florida!! So excited, done it before and its been amazing each time, this time it's going to be out of this world!

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