Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lungs are calling for IV's!

I felt absolutely fine 3 days ago, then my line manager got a chest infection, I thought through my supervision she was coughing a bit so sat as far away as possible, then an hour later when I tried to phone through to where she was I was told she'd gone to the doctors as she thinks she has a chest infection...great. So no surprise last 2 nights I haven't stopped coughing and last night I woke with some random pains in my lungs I haven't really felt before and my stomach was really hurting in a different from usual way too, managed to sleep in till 10am this morning so feel a bit better and luckily I have my 2 days off now so it's into lounge clothes and DVD's with Marc for 2 days then we're out bowling tomorrow evening for a friends birthday, and I am looking after the sister's so they are coming then staying over too. Started myself on antibiotics last night so can't wait for them to kick in and I am going on IV's last week of Oct if all goes to plan. Hope my needles stay in my port this time (unlikely) but I've had it completely checked out via a lineogram and there is no reasons for it to not be staying in.
Luckily Marc's got these 2 days off too and he needs to relax as he is going on a 24 hour blood pressure monitor just as part of a medical for his job so we can both completely chill out and I can be on the mend and he can keep his BP down.

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