Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Weight Dilemma

In Cystic Fibrosis weight is a massive problem, our digestive systems don't work quite like the norm and most of us have to take enzymes to help the pancreas. These enzymes are called Creon and we have to take them with pretty much everything we eat, each person differs. Anyway along with this comes the problem that most CF people can't gain weight either they have no appetite or they eat like mad but the weight just doesn't go on. This can be a big problem when it comes to infections because you need the weight behind you and the energy to fight the infection.
Some lucky people with CF manage to gain the weight, myself being one of these people. It's a really good thing but it comes with it's faults, so here is a little moan from the other side of weight problems with CF. All the weight I put on tends to lay straight on my stomach, making me look somewhat pregnant..I actually feel quite fat at the moment because of it. I have in the past been told by a nurse that I need to loose some weight (she wasn't a CF nurse) and have been asked if I'm pregnant. I weigh 9stone 6, 60 Kg and am 5ft 3. I spoke to my dietitian about 4 months ago about how this was bothering me and she said I could cut my diet down a very little bit. But in my head I have a massive dilemma with that, I can't let myself loose weight, I'm too scared of falling into a pit and not being able to gain again. I have been there before when I was younger. I don't really mind being a bit bigger in the winter but I'm thinking of my Holiday to Spain in June this year, then my wedding in June the following year, I want to feel good looking especially being in bakini's and wedding dress!!!! I know I will never have a flat stomach but flatter would be nice and I don't no how I can achieve this. I'm hoping my exercise regime on the bike will tone me up a bit, it's certainly doing something to my legs. Does anyone have any other idea's, I have been doing sit up's and crunches but have heard if these aren't done right they can just make that worse and who knows if I'm doing them right..It must all be helping my lung function though(i hope). I wonder about trying to get down to 9stone and just keeping up the exercise, but I'm too worried, if I stay at 9stone 6 but manage to tone up I don't mind I just want to sort my PRENANT looking stomach out before I'm ever asked again!!! Until Of course one day in the quite far future when hopefully I can say yes!yes I am.

On the positive the exercise is still going quite well, am doing 5 mins every morning and every night on the bike just before physio and am either walking or doing sit ups etc during days where I'm not too busy or tired. I haven't started the Yoga yet but the DVD's have come so am going to see if Mum wants to come over for a go Fri, If not may just try myself. You may have guessed I still haven't started my job yet! I think it will be next week though:D They called me into the office and asked about my Cystic Fibrosis and whether I will be ok working etc and how I will be with the early starts, so this is good, I now know they no about it and understand.

Our family 'come dine with me' is now into full swing, I started off and I think it went really well, well I enjoyed it. This Sunday it is my youngest sisters turn, 8 year old Ali. Think the menu is fruit cocktail to start, shephards pie for main and fairy cakes and custard for pudding. I look forward to it, though I dont like cake or custard but the rules are you have to try it, so of course I will. And I love shephards pie!!!

Wow massive post, just had to moan about my podgy stomach! Poor Marc has had me moaning all week and he says all the right things, like he loves me how I am and I dont look bad at all and all the nice stuff. I just see myself in the mirror, hmm....

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  1. hi missus,

    I don't blame you for being wary of losing weight. I was 9 stone 6 a couple of years ago (I'm shorter though at 4ft 10) and felt enormous. I did lose weight through changing my diet but it was difficult to stop! I'd planned on stopping at about 8.2-8.5 and ended up being 7.10 before I stopped losing.

    I think doing classes that involve the whole body are a great idea, maybe dancing, pilates, zumba, yoga etc as they tone and strengthen (provided you actually use your tummy muscles, it's amazing how many people don't!) without the monotony of sit ups and crunches. Also, like you say, these can go wrong and you really don't want that. finding something that's fun and you enjoy is key here if you want to keep it up.

    I totally understand how you're feeling, just make sure your drinking lots of water/sugar free diluting juice too, it definitely helps!