Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I had to take myself away from the internet for a while and probably wont be back again for a few weeks after this post. Life has become so busy, some definite ups but some lower than low downs.

It all started, well a month ago now, which seems surreal. Time sure does fly by when your busy, each day rolls into the next without you even noticing! Well it felt like my world absolutely fell apart, now I'm much happier but at the time, I just cried....My parents have been together 25 years and them and my sisters have done EVERYTHING together. Holidays to Spain, Greece, Australia, America...huge garden parties....planning my wedding...even small things like family come dine with me. Then BOOM Mum comes over one night and Dad is leaving her, he doesn't love her any more. I stayed so strong every time I saw her, my sister's and my Dad for the 1st week, but secretly crying my eyes out the whole night to my beloved Fiance. It was such a shock and still is really but now I just deal with it. The hardest part was seeing my mum so torn apart and not feeling close to my dad. Now I'm just back to normal with my dad but me and Mum are So close. Have to be there for her! She has lots of friends too though, which im so pleased about as I'm always at work now..

Anyway dont want to go to much in to detail with that, then...the week after it all happened is the day I started my new job which I have been doing almost one month now, one month Monday! Its great and working 40 hours a week, well 49 this week is easier than I expected! Just hope my health keeps up as my LF had dropped at my last docs appointment to 1.93. Got an appointment Fri so hopefully it hasn't got any less! As long as it keeps above 1.9 I wont worry too much just prefer it in the 2 region. I seem pretty well regardless of what it says anyway.

Right that is all, I need to get on with physio, tobi and cooking dinner!
Take care all x


  1. I'm so sorry to hear your parents. My parents split up when I was about 7 and the hardest part was seeing my mum so upset about the whole thing. It's important to let your emotions out too. I don't know what else to say other than I promise that it gets easier (which is difficult when it's happening in the here and now!).


  2. Hun, I'm so sorry to hear about your parents. I can't imagine how hard it is when families split, but you have lots of support and I'm glad your mum has lots of friends too. Thinking of you all!

    Good to hear you're enjoying your new job! Hope your lungs keep up their end of the bargain though xx

  3. Thanks Gem and Ruth.
    Things are getting easier, full of ups and downs still at the moment but my mum is a lot happier and my dad is happy. Once my Mum is fully happy it will be a lot easier.