Thursday, 5 April 2012

6 months later...

Crumbs...Where has time gone? So I realised today I haven't done a lung function or seen any sort of CF related nurse or Doctor since October when I last had Iv's! Life has been pretty bliss and I've just been going with the flow of things! I mean a lot has happened since October...Christmas, Marc starting his new job, me getting a new job( which I start on the 16.04.12), family days out, My 21st Birthday (which me and my sister had a massive and amazing joint party for!) and My best friends 21st too!
Above is me and my fiancee at Christmas and on the right me and Amie at work xmas party where we got in trouble for being far too drunk!

Above our family day out to Madame Tussauds

My Best friends 21st Party!

Then these are the pics from mine and my sisters joint Birthday party!

Sorry that's my first time uploading pictures so there a bit all over the place and now I'm in a rush as it took longer than anticipated! So basically I'm real nervous now about my lung function in case it has dropped without me knowing! So I am prepared and have told them I want to start Iv's as I tend to have them 6 monthly anyway! Plus I need a boost as it's the last chance I've got before my wedding to fit in Iv's due to stating my new job! So wish me luck in that department as I have been trying so hard to keep well, pushed my self to go swimming once a week, every week, gym once a week and exercise dvd once a week and I am doing well!

Well best go as its at least a two hour journey! Which is why I hate going so much and make it happen so rare as the most annoying is when you only see them for half hour but have to take a whole day off work due to the travelling!

Hope everyone is well!

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