Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I am starting a new job on Monday, sooo nervous but at the same time extremely excited to get started as I know it is the perfect job for me! I have just applied to start an open Uni Course in October too:) (In Childhood and youth studies) I have gained so much experience over the last few years that I feel I really should work towards something so I can have more of a solid career! I mean I done my G.C.S.E'S and got my A levels then I felt I wasn't ready for uni. Marc and I moved in together and I was content just working. Marc got his dream job so now I'm in the mind set I really should get mine! (it will take me about 7 years to qualify because I'm doing it part time) but one day I plan to be a fully qualified primary school teacher:) I always wondered whether there would be much point me getting qualified because I hope for a baby at a young age, then will my health allow me to go back to work? But now I realise that's just silly, what's to say I will become to ill and what if I can't have a baby as in CF it's common to have many difficulties in getting pregnant/ giving birth etc. Then there's the fact that all these scientists and researches are working towards two possibly life changing drugs at the moment, I'll only regret it in ten years time if I don't start qualifying as something now! So my aim is to keep myself well, work hard and study hard and just see what the future brings with babies etc as we're planning it but unsure for when....
Well I am feeling CF again today, or am I just feeling like a normal exhausted person? I've had a week and a half off and have spent it -this last week doing heavy exercise with my Mum and little sis lol. Me and Mum are on diets with the wedding nearing and I have been blading which was amazing, exercise DVD and swimming! We're bike riding tomorrow then gym in the evening! This afternoon I'm recovering a little! Don't panic fellow CF'ers I have discussed the diet with my dietician and she is happy as long as it's controlled and my BMI remains above 22. I worked out that means I can go down to 8 stone 13 then I must stick, already down to 9 stone 2 from 9 stone 10 so not far to go, then I must Just keep up the exercise to tone but carry on eating to keep weight. Can't wait to try my wedding dress on again..eek! Like less than 8 weeks now!
My latest appointment at clinic was okay, except for being told that I don't see the doctor enough, even though I explain every time: that coming 2 hours for an hour appointment ruins my days off work and if anything dent my health more than anything! Well my lung function was 2.0 which I think worked out 67% so not bad, I would love to get it back in to the 70's but I would imagine I need Iv's for that and the hospital said I couldn't have Iv's last week (even though I thought I'd organised it with one of the nurses) because it was Easter and they had four days off, so we can't have tobi blood tests or home care organised until after but I can't do any other weeks because of work so they lumped me off with antibiotics - the same ones I always have! and we have now organised to wait until AUGUST! unless I get ill in the meantime. so no pre-wedding IV's:( got to count on staying well and orals. The next Iv's are pre-honeymoon as that's in September!
No-one will probably read this and I have gabbled on but if any one has then Hope your well and thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Mogzi, sounds like very exciting times ahead, you go girl x

  2. Thanks kristy! Hope your keeping well? Xx