Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Iv time, hassles and bonuses.

So I started Iv's Monday, first time ever being day cased, literally had a blood test had the first doses of my Iv's (Fostfamycin and Tobramycin) and was sent on my way! It all seemed very organised. My hands had started tingling after my meds but I get this tingling sensation in my hands quite often and randomly when I'm not on Iv's and it usually stays for an hour and goes. I keep meaning to see a Doc about it but then forget till it happens again! This time I happened for 8 hours and I was starting to pannic.... was it a reaction as I am allergic to a lot of Iv's? Had something happened to the nerves in my hand? Was it going to stop?!! When we got home Mum did some research on the internet and it came up as a common side effect of high blood sugars, which I am borderline and I'd eaten a lot of chocolate that day and they had started putting my meds in Glucose instead of water for the first time maybe? So I told them I wanted my meds in water from now on and I have been fine so far so fingers crossed!
Anyone who reads my blogs will know I have a real phobia of needles and I can't deal with blood tests. Monday my port bled back fine so no has been bleeding back all year so I had no concerns but then yesterday it decided to just stop! I was so angry/ upset and ready to just give up the Iv's. My nurse then tried a blood test, knowing how phobic I was and she missed my vein and then was wiggling it about trying to get it in a vein which was horrid!! So then I didn't want her to have another go so had to wait for an F1 blood testing doctor who was amazing and had a good old feel and got it in one! Thank goodness because I was so worked up I felt like I was going to be sick! So that was that over but should Imagine I will be going through it all again for blood tests next week!
Next moan, the home care delivery company! Guess what time they delivered my fridge meds that we had been waiting all day for 00:30! and they rang the house phone when they were near and banged on the door loud enough to wake my 2 little sisters up! Really quite ridiculous!
Anyway now I think we're sorted and should have a good few weeks. Marc and my grandparents are over tonight as we are doing a family come dine with me! My littlest sister is starting tonight and she is making leek and potato soup, pizza and salad and harribo cupcakes! so should be good! I also have lots more planned for the 2 weeks, start some diploma work, help Mum sort and tidy there house up, get some mega good physio's done, paint my nails, sort out my wardrobes, take some nice pictures of the family..(ready for Mums xmas present shhh..) watch some DvD's and see my friends that I haven't seen for ages and oooh hopefully my iphone 4s will arrive, never had an amazing phone so super excited!
Last thing to report was there was a small tornado in our area yesterday evening, I didn't see it but lots of people have put some awesome pictures on facebook and it made the news so bit of excitement for Sussex.
Hope everyone is well! M x

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