Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Another Step Forward...

So recently I was complaining that Marc and I seemed to be taking one step forward and two back, well that continued yesterday where I felt we took a massive fall backwards, for Marc's medical tests for this job, he found out he needs even more tests, which seems to be becoming relentless and he feels like he is slowly losing grip of this dream of his! My Mum has had to reluctantly try and sell her horse due to lack of funds and no-one about to look after my little sister since my Dad moved out. Well this was going well untill the vet check on the last hurdle just before a woman was going to commit to buy, announced he was 5/5 lame, which is an incorrect judgement so Mum is getting a second opinion but the lady has pulled out and doesn't care for the second opinion! gutting as she was so sure this lady was going to buy and was kind of relying on the money coming in as she is rather broke, and I had spent the whole night before last up coughing, so out of the possible 5 hours sleep I could have had, between My late and early at work, I probably had an hour of actual sleep so felt exhausted and emotional and everyone else's stress and problems were just as much my own as why is nothing going right for the people I love and deserve it the most. Then my Granddad phoned just for a chat and ended up telling me one of his close friends had had 2 heart attacks in the week, recovering from the first but being left presumably brain dead from the second, with very little hope of recovery, which put all of our other worries into prespective and made us all feel even more down and with that I snuggled up to Marc at 8pm with a DVD (toystory) and our duvet and was fast asleep by half past!
Today has been possibly a more positive day:D Marc has found out if he does need these tests he can get them in the next week (will have to pay but will be worth it) and then hopefully that will bring a positive conclusion that he is fine! Mums seen a few experienced horse people today and they have all said there is no way Freckles is lame so she is more hopeful that the next person to come along will actually have enough experience to see he is no way lame. And the third positive contributing to my step forward and something I shouldn't really say as it might jinx it but what the hell, I'm excited! There is a slight chance I'm up for promotion next year, found out you have to be 21 and my manager was hinting that they will be needing someone immediately after my 21st and they will be asking our team first then she kept hinting for me to make sure I attend certain meetings in the next year so keep your fingers crossed for me!
Lets just hope tomorrow continues with the steps forward and we have no more steps back!

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