Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nothing ever goes to plan....

I rushed home, obviously sticking to the limits, as I wanted to get home to join my fiancee and his best friend in the beer garden on what is a beautiful sunny day! Half way home I realise I have accidently brought home the safe key and I'm not on until a late tomorrow so I have to drive all the way back to work then drive all the way back home again, I finished work at 1500, home by 1610, that sucked to start with. Then as I pull up outside mine I ring to see if there still at the local and nope he is on a instead of pubbing it, like a good girl I go home and get straight on with physio and tobramycin (nebulizer) as we have plans to go to the cinema. Film starts at 18.15 so plenty of time....only his call turns into 3 calls in a row and still no Marc on the scene:( Now my sisters and Mum are on the way, and we all feel too guilty to see cars 2 without Marc, we are all pixar geeks but cars is Marcs ultimate favorite.... we will decide what to do once there here.... Nothing ever goes to plan....especially when you're with a retained firefighter!!! And he jokes about staying on call on our wedding day, and people wonder why we are having our wedding half hour away from this area!!

Not only am I stressed because of this, work has been MANIC the last few days, can't really explain as confidentiality and all that, but lets just say today someone left a tap on and the roof caved in in the kitchen where I was working.... and Sunday gone was even madder than that but I cant go into details...

Off to cinema, maybe? Then dinner, then home to get some well needed sleep before my 6th day work in a row tomorrow! Those 6 days including one 11 hour shift yesterday! yawn! and to top it all off I have a cold brewing! However on Friday it's 2 whole months off any antibiotics or iV's so we're chineseing to celebrate

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  1. Blimey! What an unlucky week you're having! However, the 2 months with no antibiotics is amazing! Well done!!!