Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fun day, work, friends, CF, antibiotics...

Yesterday we had a fun day at work, it was fab! We have different groups at work and in our groups we had to dress up, we dressed up as surgeons. We then had to play team building games, they had a blow up bungee run, three legged race, egg and spoon race, quiz's and we had to build something out of boxes, which we made a train and it was the only competition of the day that our team actually won! That was from 11am - 2pm, I then had to stay on for the late shift 2pm - 10pm, so yes exhausted when I got home!
It's really annoying all my uni friends are back home and keep inviting me out to do things, all of which I'd love to do but I don't get the summer off like them, obviously, and my two days off I usually do something one day and nothing the other so I don't get ill, I use that day to catch up on sleep, relax, tidy a bit and do extra good physio's. So I have to keep saying sorry I can't and it's annoying as I desperately want to see them! Luckily we have finally come up with a date that we can all meet up, 29th July so we are doing lunch and garden games e.g. badminton which I LOVE! That night I then have a wedding reception to go to to so busy busy busy! Last week I spent my day off travelling to London for a CF clinic and annual review follow up which I wrote about, this week I have to go for a scan on my day off, then the other day I made plans to do wedding stuff, so no day of nothing again!
I have a really niggling cough, which I had when I went for my annual review follow up, but my lung function was fine, so they had no concerns. The cough is still here and I dont know what to do! I told my Doc that I have antibiotics 6-7 times a year and he said that's a bit too much and maybe i have them too soon before I need them, so Im trying to drag out this time as Im kind of concerned I already have had 4 lots, though I needed them as I got very ill when my parents split up and I started my job etc! Don't know how long to leave it? Perhaps I will arrange a Lung function again in a couple of weeks! As soon as that starts to go down I reckon I need something!
Hope your all well and massive thoughts with Kirstie who received her lung transplant yesterday and begins the recovery procedure's today! Take care xx

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  1. I am now following you, can you please follow my blog? It's www.pre-livertransplantjitters.blogspot.com I am waiting for a liver in the US, things are going along, but slowly, of course!