Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I have a little bit of spare time to write whilst I am doing my Physio and getting ready for work. I have a day off tomorrow which I desperately need, I will just sleep literally all day. My partner is working so I'm just going to waste the day until he gets home. We then have his sister and her partner over who have just announced she is 3 months pregnant! Yay so exciting. Then Thurs and Friday I am working and we have my partners best friend over for dinner Friday night, Sat we have my best friend over for dinner and Sun I am going to one of my family friends house for a BBQ! So a busy weekend but its rare that I have a weekend off so we are making the most of it!

What else has been going on? Well My partner and I spent two weeks in Spain, came back last Monday. It was brill, we mainly relaxed but also did lots of swimming and quite a lot of walking either to markets or the local bar. I found the heat brilliant in the day but it took my breath away at night and made it really hard to sleep! It was 41'C on the hottest day!!
Then once back, on the Thursday I had a hospital appointment, went quite well really. To start off I had a different doctor who was fantastic! lung function was 2.12 (70%), Xray had no change, liver slightly fatty (no concerns though), calcium and vit D levels really good. The only issue was my glucose levels they want to do as something showed slightly high, so we will do that soon. In the meantime I finally encouraged myself to do the finger prick blood tests and check them out. I did 5 so far and all the readings have been fine except the one before lunch where it was 3.3, it has been thought in the past I go hypoglycaemic as I get dizzy ish, shakey, a cold sweat and tingly and HAVE to eat when I feel like that! So that was just proof that all those symptoms mean I'm low! Hopefully not diabetic though - I am going to send the results to my dietician. Lastly we discussed changing my port as mine has been pants for my last few admissions and I finally plucked up the courage to start thinking about a new one! Think it's going to happen this year!! As I said I want it before I get married so I can have some IV's and get seriously well before wedding and honeymoon! I have to have a scan first to check for blood vessels!

On to the wedding 11 months and 4 days...eek! Yesterday I went to pay a 2nd deposit at my venue but it was a right shambles, the person had gone off work sick, so couldn't pay and we left, back to Mums and I realise I left my card there so all the way back and still no deposit paid! Anyway we are going to try on the 15th July now! We are also going to some travel agents to find options for honeymoon wahoo! All so exciting!

Anyway I best get on with some more physio, tobi and lunch before heading to work for a late shift! Take care all xx

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  1. so exciting about the wedding!! James and I are going to view a reception venue tomorrow, start the ball rolling :). hope you get your deposit paid xx