Thursday, 25 August 2011

Good morning:D

Good Morning everyone, hope your all well! I'm in a rather good mood this morning:D Last week I went through a very depressed period of 3 days crying about things that were getting to me. Isn't it weird that you have all these feeling and things on your mind that when your in a stable mood you can just kick to the back of your mind, yet you get on some antibiotics (Linezolid and Ciprofloxacin) and your emotions just hit the rocks and everything seems a hundred times worse, unresolvable and all you can do is cry and feel sorry for yourself. On the second weeks of my IV's now, the emotions are pretty stable again, the mucus production has gone down a lot! But the thrush that is now in my throat and on my tongue is causing an irritable cough and my lungs are for some reason very achy.

Heard some good news yesterday, not going to share as it's not final yet and I don't want to jinx it, but it's to do with my gorgeous fiancee, so just keep your fingers crossed for him anyway!

I'm in the middle of glucose test at the moment. I had the initial blood test, thank you port for bleeding back and please keep it up for the next stage. I drank the disgusting thick syrup sweet sticky drink and had a chat with my nurse about work, parents and life. I told her the bloods I had done before on the small testing thing and she thinks they are running high...eek. Please NO! Wish me luck, I'm an utter phobic of needles and diabetes would be a real struggle for that. Anyway so she is back at 11am for the other blood test which she will then send to the labs where the check to different things to see if it's diabetes or not. Apparently my last proper test showed one part was high but the other was okay ... I also have lung function when she gets back which I'm nervous about, I just hope it's not down too much! Or at all really, it always worries me.

I have a meeting with the surgeon on the 1st September , about changing my port, so nervous about all this. I wish I didn't need to but it is the best for the long run. Will be able to have Iv's hopefully without too much stress. My port needle always pops out when I have Iv's you see. I'm just very scared about having to have an operation and a needle in my arm to put the anaesthetic in. Then what if the port isn't as good as my current one? Anyway will no more on the 1st!

Hope everyone is keeping well, Take care.

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