Sunday, 25 April 2010

One More Day to go!

Iv's finish tomorrow! wahoooo!

Been on Iv's for two weeks tomorrow! Think they have benefitted me:D Hopefully this will keep me well for the summer now, that is the plan! I only stayed in hospital for two nights this time which was a bonus, though at the beginning i really thought it was the worst stay...i have a needle phobia and had to have 5 needles over that 48 hours! Luckily 4 of them were in my port which doesn't bother me so much, though the problem is where my port is SO tiny (as i had it put in when i was eight) the needle always pops out and when it does it stays half in half out and for some unknown reason sends shooting pains down my back and tingles into my arm as if the needle is hitting a nerve....this hurts ALOT! Luckily my mum stays in hospital with me, but i need to stop this as i'm nineteen and i don't think she's going to be happy still having to stay with me when im in like my 30's! 40's! and beyond! I get her to stay because im not happy with the care on the ward that i get and at the moment i'm in two minds over changing!

So it's back to normality, back to living with my boyfriend, back to work and back to not having to have meds at 6.30am, 1.30 and 9.30pm! I will miss seeing so much of my parents and spending time with my sisters so much (been messing around with the littlest one for hours everyday). However, I am looking forward to being back with my gorgeous man, i mean once you start living together, being apart is torture and when your on IV's and all emotional it's even harder!!! And he couldn't stay at my parents with me often as he is a retained firefighter and has to be on call constantly! And my parents house is twenty minutes away from ours.
I'm a little nervous about going back to work, it's been so long, going to feel wierd getting back into the routine but at the same time, i need to work as i was getting rather bored not doing anything important and i need the money!! Saying that i have actually got four days of next week off as annual leave! So it's swimming teaching tomorrow night, youth club Tuesday and then off again till the following wednesday, then really got to get back into it all!

My boyfriend and I are trying to plan to do alot more exercise now to keep me more fit and for himself! It's alot easier now it's summer. My plan is to start with the exercise plan tomorrow, do at least half hour of something...walking, trampolining, jogging on spot, gym, swim e.t.c. Im going to record it and track my weight and lung function...this regime will probably last all of what? two weeks max!

Thanks for reading:D

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  1. ooohh that doesnt sound fun with your needle popping out! naughty port!
    do you mind me asking where you stay in hospital?
    Only because i am not really happy with my care most of the time and really want to change too... :/