Friday, 23 April 2010

First time blogger:D

I never really thought of doing a blog, i often write in a diary at home, that's where i let any feelings and memories out. Then i was just browsing the cystic fibrosis site (I spend alot of time there when im on iv's) and i saw quite alot of the writers there keep a blog and i read a few and wow really rather inspiring! Bare with me though as to be honest i have no idea what im doing.

A little intoduction, i'm 19 with cystic fibrosis! I have a fab family, boyfriend and friends. I have a mum, dad and two little sisters, one 15 without cf and the other 7 with cf. (I also have a 7 year old cousin with cf). Wow aren't we a healthy bunch lol! But we are all doing well. I don't see my cousin much though as she lives a good few hours away! I live with my boyfriend, he is the best, we have been together over a year and a half now and he looks after me very well and makes me very happy:D The weather seems to have a big affect on my health and my moods, so while the sun is shining so am i:)

Im not disclosing my name on here, purely because im a youth worker and i just worry if any of the young people look me up i don't want them knowing my business! Anyway yeah so i'm doing my NVQ 2 in youth work at the moment and i am loving it, hoping to do it at uni next year! The only struggle i am having is working five evenings a week can be quite tiring and sessions are right at the time i'd like to be doing physio and machines and stuff, but we're getting round it!

My health at the moment is pretty good, on IV's but thats just for a boost and my mid IV lung function was 2.2 which is good for me....wish i could tell you what that means in percentage but i asked my team and they didn't no. But it's good so thats all i need to know! And the main thing is im feeling well, been on trampoline everyday for the last week and for walks with the family dog! (living at parents while on iv's as dont trust myself to do them without my mum yet and have had wheeey tooo many alleric reactions where i stop breathing and swell up like a big ballooon to chance things!).

Well i will stop writing now otherwise you'll be bored of me before i even get started.
Take care everyone:D

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  1. wow 2.2!! i struggle to get 1L!
    hope you stay well, and hiya :)