Thursday, 23 August 2012

Update in the life of me!

IV's - So I started IV's just over a week ago, I wasn't that ill as I'd just had some orals, but their worried I am using orals too often which I agree with and they would like me to try and have IV's 6 monthly as they should keep me well for a longer period then just have orals in between to see me through! Its also a pre-holiday boost which I always make sure I have, I want to be the best I can be for a holiday, especially this one as its my belated honeymoon! And its this date next month, coming round so fast! I also, as I mentioned previously hope to start trying for children once we're back if our results for Marc come back okay and I'm hoping they'll see me through this too! 
Lung Function - I've just put my Lung Functions down the right of this page, I thought I had my older ones written down somewhere but I can't find them, so I'm going to log them on here now! The antibiotics put it up from 58% to 65% which was great, but my best this year has been 71% and I really want to aim for that! Mid IV's it's gone to 67% so we are creeping up and I am really pleased! Trouble is is I find it really hard to do exercise with my port accessed, so where I'd usually be doing lots and mainly swimming which I can't do, I'm not doing half as much and I've been so busy this time with various other things! So I really need to step the exercise up if I want to see it go any higher by my end of IV Lung Function! I have realised that over the last year I have only been to the hospital or had a lung function when I feel pants which is why it doesn't look so good and the best I had of 71% was more than likely the last time I had Iv's all the rest have been quite a lot lower 55%-65% so I'm making sure from now on I arrange to see a nurse monthly, then I'll be getting my port flushed the correct amount of times and getting a lung function done monthly which will better show how my health really is! Once I'm pregnant if all things go well they want to see me at Kings once a month anyway and they say I will have to stay in lots, when it comes to having a baby, I'll do what I have to do and always think of the benefits on them to get me through!
New family member - My sister in law had her baby at last, 8 days over due! On Saturday, he weighed a whopping 8lb, 15oz and she only used gas and air and didn't even need stitches! It was her second, he first weighed 7lb 4oz and she had a horrendous labour and delivery! He's absolutely gorgeous and I have had a cuddle everyday since he's been born! I looked after my other nephew while they went in to have him, he is 2 and a half and the most well behaved kiddie ever! Think me, my Mum, my sisters, my nan and my Granddad may have warn him out though, he went swimming, played golf, went on the trampoline, went to the park, played football, had stories and the list goes on! and he still managed to get plenty of sleep in, 12 hours within the 40 we had him!
Open Uni Degree - I am starting an open Uni degree! I've debated over it for a while and this year I am working less hour so decided to go for it! All the books and files arrived yesterday! So excited, I've already started reading and trying to do bits!
Visiting Hubbies parents/ Alton Towers - Once I have finished my IV's My hubby and I are going to Gloucester to stay with his parents for two days then we're going to meet my Mum, Sisters and hopefully Mums new man at a Alton camp site for three days! We are going to do two days of Alton Towers and one of something free around Alton, probably a walk. 
Back to work - How quick have these Summer holidays gone? Once I've done the above it will be back to work! I need it so I can start on my essays though! And I'll only be back 20 odd days then I'm off on holiday which I feel I desperately need!

Right I need to go get some breakfast! It takes me ages to write so now I'm starving!

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  1. I live near Gloucester :) What subject have you decided to do your degree in?

    Hope your lung function goes up even more after these IVs!