Friday, 20 July 2012

Happiness, Wedding and Broodiness

         I never know quite how to start my blog entry, one because I have so much to share as I haven't written for so long therefore I don't know which part to start at and two because I am just not a very creative writer!
         I'm guessing I should start with the most important fact, that I am now a MRS and I have been married 5 weeks tomorrow! It's gone so fast in some respects yet seems so long ago at the same time, how is that even possible?! The day before we got married, Marc graduated as a whole time London Fire fighter, this was one of the proudest moments of my life, he'd been trying to get in for the whole four years we've been together and before that then all good luck seemed to come at once and we were on top of the world. So the day before we wed we spent the day with close family in London for his pass out where he got his passed certificate and had to do a demonstration of some of the things he's learnt! He had been doing it part time local to us for the whole time we've been together so was used to the whole fireman thing but this was just so big to us and I really had to hold some happy tears back. Then to top it all off, when I didn't think I could be any more proud he also won an award which he got voted for by the rest of the people on his course and there instructors as most dedicated and worked the hardest (the award is one donated by parents of a young fire fighter who lost his life in one of the first days of his shifts as a fire fighter after passing out- four years ago I think) Marc's Mum is very emotional and she did really well the rest of the day but when it came to this there was no stopping her, happy tears of course. Then we all came home, and it was time for Marc to go back to ours where his parent's were staying too and I went to my Mums, not to see each other again until in the church!!! I was so excited, and surprisingly slept pretty well. My best friend Sian stayed over (maid of honour) and we put Bridesmaids on, but were fast asleep before we'd really watched any! In the morning we went and all got our hair and make up done - me, sian, my sisters (bridesmaids) and my Mum. Everyone kept telling me I was too calm and that everything was too relaxed, but that's because I'd organised everything (obviously I was a little nervous about things all coming together) but I had nothing to worry about, I was getting married to the man I love and know I want to be with the rest of my life! My photographer arrived, took lots of photo's which are beautiful and I got the book back last weekend with all the pictures in and I couldn't ask for better! Then she went to find the grooms men and my Dad arrived followed by our transport - a bright red hot rod with piercing yellow flames (to go with the whole fire theme) and Marc and his men obviously turned up in a vintage fire engine followed by a modern fire engine with a crew all dressed up ready to hold the guard of honour (axes) over our heads as we walked out the church. The ceremony was beautiful and even then neither of us were really nervous, except the most embarrassing thing did happen and my garter fell off and I didn't even notice and it was left at the alter!! haha, luckily the photographer was close behind and picked it up before too many people saw. Then when we were given a candle I by accident blew the one out we were supposed to light together so we had to borrow a lighter off a guest to re light! Then we came out the church, had photo after photo after photo. On arrival to the reception we had Pimms thanks to my Nan and Granddad paying for that! then we did a meet and greet line and everyone went it. We got speeches out the way first, my Dads was lovely, he cried which he thinks is highly embarrassing but I thought it just showed how much I mean to him. He then shared some embarrassing things about a house party I had at home once and what a mess everyone got in to, this just made everyone giggle, then Marc and I did a short speech thanking everyone then Dan (Marc's identical twin brother and best man) did a speech to remember, he was a little tipsy to say the least and did his speech justice, though it was just rinsing Marc the whole time but it was funny! Then the evening we had lots of people and lots of dancing and lots of food, everyone had a great time, and so did we. Marc and his grooms men even did a bit of full Monty style dancing in front of everyone and it was obviously planned as they all had matching illumenous green boxers on! Our first dance was beautiful, throwing the bouquet was a giggle, though the girl who caught it ended up in a massive fight with one of her ex that night and her parents and his parents very nearly had a bust up, luckily I was oblivious to all this at the time. By midnight I began to struggle, my Mum, Sister and there friends were begging the host for more music and I just wanted to go to bed, my dress was giving me a stitch by then and quite frankly I just wanted to get it off! Anyway my family got their wish of more music but everyone went to bed by 1am is! I wont go in to details of after that but our bridal suite was amazing and so was the jacuzzi bath!
            After our wedding we went on a short 3 night break/ honeymoon to just let it all sink in and get away for some alone time. I was gutted before, that we wouldn't be going on our proper honeymoon (Mexico) straight away but I found the New Forest was actually perfect, though it rained the whole time, we had a cosy little hotel room, where they did huge breakfasts included and we had bottles of bubbly from friends that we took with us and we just relaxed! I was a bit poorly, my lungs were struggling from all the business before and on the day and from carrying my dress and I actually couldn't of coped in Mexico as I needed antibiotics too soon after. So now I can look forward to my second honeymoon in Mexico in September knowing I've got IV's first in August so I will be at my best and can go and have a real good time!
           I'm not sure if I've mentioned in my blogs before or not but Marc and I were going to wait a couple of years before we look in to having a baby, he has had his gene test booked for a while which is on Monday 30th July but that was just so we knew. Anyway after getting married we have both been getting more and more broody so then we decided we'd wait a year and half then start trying so then we'd maybe have a baby by a couple of years instead of starting to try then. Well the whole reason for waiting was so we can buy our house first and so I could make a good start to my Open Uni degree, then I found out it's looking pretty slim that we will be able to get a mortgage even in a couple of years unless the economy has a sudden change and also we're renting off Marc's parents and what we pay them they are happy to continue living off anyway and as for my open uni course I can get the first bit completed (working within primary school) within the next year and then the other part is child development etc. so if I have my own child they can be my key study and so can all my nieces and nephews, so now if all goes well with Marc's gene test we have now decided to start trying when we get back from Mexico in October and now we've decided this, it is all I can think about! I'm excited, nervous, worried, what if's....are just going round and round my head! I also found out from one of my sister in laws that another of my sister in laws is going to start trying for her second in October too, this is so exciting but at the same time will make it extra hard to cope with if we have troubles conceiving etc.. Anyway at my next clinic appointment(26th July) I am going to talk to the pharmacist about what  medication I will need to come off and what I can have IV wise when I am pregnant as I am allergic to so many! Marc then has his gene test on 30th then it's just a waiting game for results as I've heard of it taking approx 6-10 weeks, just hope we have the results in time for when we get home from Mexico!
That's all I'm going to write about for now, Summer holidays started yesterday and I have so much planned already so not sure when I'll return with an update but hopefully the sun will start shining as my plans will much better suit some sunshine:D Especially the bootsale where we want to make a bit of money tomorrow and thorpe park Monday:D xx

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