Friday, 27 January 2012

2012 plans just keep getting busier, lets hope I can keep up!

Feeling a bit of a dip in my health at the moment, had a bit of a phlegmy chest so put myself on some antibiotics, during which I coughed up some blood:( the antibiotics have finished now and the phlegm is loads less and lighter however I feel extremely energyless and have a really irritating cough! I always seem to get an irritating cough when I get rid of all the phlegm but this time it's lasting longer than usual and at every opportunity I am in my pyjama's with my gorgeously soft blanket my Mum got me for Xmas and I'm drifting to sleep!
Yesterday me and Marc went to London to view a room he is renting for 5 months while he does his training there! This means I am only going to see him at weekends:( which is going to be really tough! and most weekends (3/4) I will be working! And guess what happens literally the day after he finishes his training? We are getting married!!!! roll on June! Anyway so his room was cool, everything he needs for his Mon- Fri training! He has got to do lots of study so luckily it's fairly quiet and secluded! and so for the next 5 months it seems he is going to be exhausted too! Just walking around London tired me out, mainly I think because I was trying to keep up with Marc and his twin bro but I managed and we walked from Elephant and Castle to London Bridge even though we had a travel card and walked past two tube stations, I didn't moan about this at all! They insisted on the walk so Marc could learn his way around, fair I guess!
As for 2012 plans here goes, Marc starts training on the 13th Feb, Mums sold her horse which gets picked up 12th Feb (reluctantly sold due to funding's since when Dad left) I'm going to move in with Mum as I will be far to lonely on my own in our house Mon - Fri for 5 whole months! I have lots of wedding planning to do as well which I'd love her helo like florist needs booking, getting our cake toppers made, having a hair practice and make - up, visiting the vicar, getting both our bands read, Marc needs to sort the suits, food tasting, paying money to all things that we have paid deposits and inviting people lol the list goes on! How Don't tell the bride do it in such little time I don't know!
After our wedding were going to take a short trip to Newquay or St Ives (we used to go there a lot when we first got together) as we have had to postpone our actual honeymoon to September due to Marc not being able to get time off straight after our wedding but it's fine and will be worth the wait! We're going to Mexico and I cant contain my excitement!
We also have another small holiday planned to Alton again to do Alton Towers, this time we're staying in a B and B instead of camping! Mum's found one that doesn't mind you ordering a takeaway and eating it in their lounge! Ideal for us! So another thing to look forward to!
This year as of 1st February I am also joining a gym and plan to do a swim once a week, a gym once a week and an exercise class once a week to start! Need to build my lung function back up, hope I can and get fit, toned and healthy for my wedding, holidays and honeymoon! My Granddad bless him is paying half while Marc is having to rent a second place as we can't afford anything! and paying for our wedding is really taking ALL our money!
Wow I have rambled on! hope you haven't fallen asleep reading this and hope your all well!
Take care
Mogzi x

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  1. Ahhh wedding plans all sound exciting! Mexico will be incredible!

    Hope you feel more like yourself soon. It's not much fun having no energy.