Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Drama on The Motorway

So Monday...Time for Hospital and IV's...went up in Mums car, with MuM, All seemed to be going well, we were chatting away, Then the car started making the oddest noise. I was like ''OH MY GOD mum get to the hard shoulder'' Then the car stopped working she couldn't change gears or anything, slowed down and got on to the motorway but then it kept rolling very slowly and the brakes weren't working. I pulled the hand brake up and mum turned the key off but the car kept running. Mum had noticed in her mirror smoke, the smoke started to poor out the exhaust, thick and black and ended up filling 4 whole lanes of motorway- was so scared it was going to cause a crash and our car looked like it was about to blow. Two C.I.D officers had luckily passed and seen and pulled over to help us, as we were quite nervous wrecks and had no idea what motorway we were on. These men phoned the fire brigade...We ended up with the C.I.D officers, 2 fire engines, traffic officers and the AA man who had to tow mums car and us the whole way back home, so a whole day out and never even got to Hospital. So was post poned till today.

Started IV's today ( a day late) and my port bled back. I have that fear of needles and my port hasn't bled back in years, then in the last month it has bled back straight away twice, so lets hope this is what the future holds but we will see. I reckon the push ups I have been doing has helped!

Thanks for reading.

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